Fertility Support At The Rotunda IVF

Fertility support at The Rotunda IVF Clinic is accessible to couples and individuals who may find the process of fertility treatment challenging. Sessions are optional and can support the individual and couple to gain insight into fertility issues they may be facing.

Prior to attending the clinic or when undergoing the treatment process, individuals and couples have generally gone through a range of thoughts and feelings relating to their experience. Fertility support aims to enhance couples and individuals’ experience of fertility treatment and support the person in resolving any difficulties that may hinder this.

Why Choose The Rotunda IVF Clinic?

In choosing Rotunda IVF, you select the fertility clinic with a reputation you can trust, with relationships you can rely on… more

The History Of Rotunda IVF Clinic

Set up in 1989, the Rotunda IVF Clinic was one of the first ART clinics in the Republic of Ireland… more

Your Team

Our Doctors, Patient Support, Nurses and Administration – all work as a close-knit team – for your benefit… more

Patient Fertility Support

Rotunda IVF has an unrivalled Patient Support team of experienced counsellors, who support you throughout the highs and lows… more

Patient Stories

We would like to say a huge thank you for giving us the gift of our much-wanted baby. We had a fantastic experience with all your kindness and understanding… more

Fertility Results You Can Expect

Our multi-disciplinary team, our research and the individualised treatment plans, ensure that Rotunda IVF consistently achieves world-class success rates… more

How Much Does Fertility Treatment Cost?

You may be able to claim tax relief on the costs involved in IVF treatment under the tax relief for medical expenses scheme… more

Virtus Health

In early 2015 Rotunda IVF joined Virtus Health Group, one of the most successful medical collaborations of its kind in the world… more