Patient Fertility Support

Rotunda IVF has an unrivalled Patient Support team of experienced counsellors, who support you throughout the highs and lows of your journey. Becoming a parent can be one of the happiest times in a person’s life but trying for a baby and not succeeding in the short-term is possibly one of the most stressful experiences. A recent study showed that women who were the most anxious and depressed prior to their IVF cycle were 93% less likely to conceive than the least distressed women. Where women receive counselling and support prior to or during their IVF journey, they have a 52% greater chance of conceiving than those who do not receive counselling support.

Fertility testing and treatment is a stressful process. There are all sorts of challenges, not just the physical demands. There are hormonal imbalances, mood swings, medications to administer and side effects to deal with. In addition, women have to deal with work, family and home-life stress. Our dedicated Patient Support team helps patients to deal with their practical and emotional worries – such as how to communicate with each other under pressure; how to manage work demands during treatment, or how to manage time and financial resources.

Our Patient Support team can help you to overcome concerns and focus on your main goal – creating a new life. Every member of our team follows your progress right through your testing and treatment. We are there to answer questions and give you insights, whenever you need us. Sometimes, the root cause of infertility can be psychological rather than physiological. A loss of interest in sex, or experiencing pain during intercourse is ways that this can manifest itself. At Rotunda IVF, we have met with plenty of couples in this position. It takes commitment and openness to address these issues, but resolving them can lead to great reward for couples. Our counselling team is a great resource, with a wealth of experience and training to help guide couples through this time.