Tax Relief

You may be able to claim tax relief on the costs involved in IVF treatment under the tax relief for medical expenses scheme, once a qualifying practitioner carries out the treatment. Details of forms, tax reliefs and qualifying practitioners are available on

Drug Payment Scheme

Drugs used as part of fertility treatment are also covered under the Drugs Payment Scheme. Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, an individual or family in Ireland only has to pay a maximum of €120 (from January 2010) for approved prescribed drugs, medicines and certain appliances for use by that person or their family in that month.

Your Health Insurance Plan

If you are planning to have a family, you may want to choose a private health insurance plan that offers cover for infertility treatment as well as good maternity cover. To be covered, you must have your private health insurance for a year before you have your baby – or a year before you start any fertility treatment. The cover you get for IVF under private health insurance is limited – and is only available from some insurers and under certain plans.


IVF €4,400
ICSI €4,900
Blastocyst €700
Embryo Freeze (incl. 1st years storage) €500
Assisted Hatching €220
Endometrial Scratch €175
Dummy Transfer €360
Sedation €150
Cyst Drainage €200
EU Blood Virals €150
Egg Freezing (incl. Egg collection + 1st year storage) €3,000
Egg Thawing (incl Egg thaw + Embryo Transfer) €3,000
FT & IUI (incl. Ultrasound scans) per cycle €850
IVF/ICSI change to IUI €1,300
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) €1,500
FET with blastocyst culturing €1,850
Initial Consultation €160
Review consultations €100
Missed Appointment Fee €65


Andrology Services
Semen Analysis €120
Semen Analysis & follow up consult with doctor €200
Semen Freeze (Incl. 1st Year Storage) €400
Testicular Aspiration (TESE & 1st Year Storage) €1,400
DNA Sperm Fragmentation & Semen Analysis €400
DNA Sperm Fragmentation Only €300
Storage Fees
Annual Storage €350
Import/Export(Prices exclude shipment & courier costs)
Within Ireland €300
Within EEA (European Economic Area) €500
Outside EEA (European Economic Area) €1,000


CMV €30
HepB €30
HepB core €30
HIV €30
Hep B Surface antigen €30
VZ €30
Chlamydia PCR €70
Chlamydia & Gynococcus €130
Sema €30
MSU €25
Homocysteine €70
FSH €25
FT4 €25
HCG €25
LH €25
E2 €25
PROG €25
PROL €25
SHBG €25
Testosterone €25
TPO €25
TSH €25
TFT’s €50
APTT €25
FBC €25
Macroprolactin €40
Eurofins Biomnis / Zentra Lab
AMH €80
Rotem €65
Cystic Fibrosis €140
Karyotype €220
Y Microdeletion €140
Molecular Genetics €150
ZIP €350
Acquired Thrombophilia €200
Lupus €40
B2GPG & B2BPM €110
AntiCardiolipin Antibodies €50
Full Thrombophilia €450
Factor V Leiden €70
Prothrombin MutationG20210A €120
Activate Protein C Resistance €50
Protein C Activity €80
Fragile X €280
Cyst Aspirate €100
Biopsy Blocks €100
Albumin €10
ALP €15
Bilirubin €10
Ca €10
Cholesterol €10
Glucose €10
Ferritin €15
Mg €10
Creatinine €10
Phosphate €10
Triglyceride €10
Urea / Electrolytes €20
Uric acid €10
CRP €10
HbA1c €15
17OH €20
Andro €20
Dheas €20
 B12 €20
Folote €20
ZFB Biopsy €500
ERA Biopsy €1,000
ERA & ZFB €1,150
Saline Infusion Sonohysteroscopy (SIS) €400
Detailed Scan by Doctor €150
Zika Blood Testing €100
Zika Seminal fluid testing €200


At Rotunda IVF, we empathise with those couples whose cycles unfortunately do not result in an embryo transfer. Refunds are normally applied as credit to your account.

Stopped Cycle Credit €3900 (IVF) €4400 (ICSI)
No embryo transfer post egg collection Credit €600
Frozen Embryo Transfer – Stopped Cycle Credit €900
IUI cancellation Credit €400
TESE (If no sperm to freeze) €400

*Patients are asked to note payment is due prior to each treatment cycle.

 Please Note:

Further procedures or investigations will not be carried out if you have an outstanding balance on your account. Medication costs are additional.

Payment for additional bloods is due before you leave the clinic as you give them down to reception.

Methods of payment accepted by Rotunda IVF

  • Most major Credit / Debit / Laser cards
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Postal Order
  • Bank Draft
  • Bank Transfer

Cheques, Drafts and Postal Orders must be made payable to Rotunda IVF.

If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer, please see information below:


Please quote your Client ID when you are arranging this form of payment. Your client ID is on the top right hand side of any invoice you receive from us, it is C followed by five numbers.

Bank: Bank of Ireland

Branch: St. Stephens Green

Account: 85457914

Sort Code: 900084

Iban: IE52 BOFI 900084 85457914


If you require privacy when making payment within the clinic, you can pay in the glass office. Payment can be made at reception also or if you wish you may call us on 8072732 and we can take payment over the phone.

‘Med 1’ forms are available on line: