What is all the stress about?

Managing stress through the IVF Journey

Stress and anxiety are natural responses when we are frightened or threatened in any way. Fertility problems and IVF treatment can represent a threat to your control, future dreams, self-esteem, intimate relationships with your partner or other relationships. No wonder you feel anxious.

Our leaflet from our Patient Support Team gives some practical guidance on responding to situations where stress and anxiety have become obstacles to effective living.

What are the symptoms?

Stress and anxiety can present in many ways.

Physical symptoms, including muscle tension, hyperventilation, palpitations, nausea or sleeplessness.
Changes to thinking patterns, including chaotic thought, irrationality, extreme sensitivity or bewilderment.
Behavioural changes, including introversion, aggression, needy or clinging behaviour or loss of confidence.
Reversion to old ways of coping, including withdrawal, emotionality or dependence.
Coping Strategies

Stress and anxiety tend to feed on themselves, particularly in couple relationships. Often there is no one cure, but interrupting the cycle by doing something different can offer possibilities for change. Holding on to the way we manage a situation ensures that nothing will change.

Taking on an experimental mindset may allow you to try out some new behaviours. Download our PDF in which we outline some strategies to help you to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety in your day-to-day life.